All The Earth Was Waiting

Resound Worship is a collective of British worship songwriters, established in 2006, seeking to resource the church with songs that engage heart, mind and soul – songs we love to sing, that deeply feed us1. I recently found this group and song, and love the chord progressions in the verses that really help tell the story of the earth waiting for it’s Redeemer.

All the earth was waiting,
Long anticipating,
For the true Messiah to come.
In the chill of darkness,
Light became incarnate:
King of glory, cradled in straw. 

(He is) Joy to the world,
Peace on the earth;
God has come to us,

Hope for all the doubtful,
Mercy for the shameful,
Healer for the wounded and worn. 
Jesus, our redeemer, 
Counsellor and keeper; 
Father’s gift of love now outpoured.


Come to him, the Lord of lords,
Bring your sorrow, bring your joy,
Worship and adore the one `
The world was waiting for!
Jesus will return to reign,
Wiping every tear away;
Death will be defeated, 
Earth and heaven will proclaim –



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