About Hymn of the Day

“Music drives away the devil and makes people happy; they forget thereby all wrath, unchastity, arrogance, and the like. Next after theology I give to music the highest place”

Martin luther

Hymn of the Day was created out of a discontentment with some of the popular Christian music, an interest in church history, and a a desire to have God’s word written on my heart and my mind.

Studying church history, I found out that much of the hymns of the church were written by ministers who desired to teach biblical truths to their simple/illiterate congregation; this is demonstrated through the songs that tell of rich biblical truth, covering the full scope of theology found in the Bible. In addition, other hymns and songs could easily be read as prayers and poetry (similar to the Psalms) – saturated with scripture and illustrations that lift the believer’s heart closer to God.

The concept of Hymn of the Day is simple: receive hymn lyrics, old and new, everyday to your inbox to read, to pray, to meditate. And if there is a song version I like, I will add the Youtube/video link beneath it. If I have any information about the writer or hymn, I willl add a short paragraph for context.

In my opinion, for a hymn to be worthy of meditation, it should:

  • Be liturgical in nature – it’s primary aim is to point the heart to worship and love God.
  • Emulate the language and tone of the Scriptures – the Word of God is serious about the things of God; so should the songs we sing to God.
  • Be personal and congregational – we should be able to sing these songs alone and with other Christians.
  • Cover the full range of church history – contrary to popular opinion, a good hymn should be judged by its content, not by its year of writing.

My prayer is that these songs and prayers would be a wonderful addition to your daily walk with the Lord.

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