Thank and Praise Jehovah’s Name

This hymn was written by Scotsman James Montgomery (1771-1854), the son of Moravian parents who died on a West Indies mission field while he was in boarding school. He published eleven volumes of poetry, mainly his own, and at least four hundred hymns. Some critics judge his hymn texts to be equal in quality to those of Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley. I love this version, with the melody written by Gregory Wilbur and sung by Neal Carpenter; I’m sure this will make you praise the name of our Lord!

Thank and praise Jehovah’s name;
For His mercies, firm and sure,
From eternity the same,
To eternity endure.

Praise Him, ye who know His love;
Praise Him from the depths beneath.
Praise Him in the heights above;
Praise your maker all that breathe.

Let the ransomed thus rejoice,
Gathered out of every land,
As the people of His choice,
Plucked from the destroyer’s hand.

For His truth and mercy stand,
Past, and present, and to be,
Like the years of His right hand
Like His own eternity.

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