My Dwelling Place (Psalm 91)

This song written by Chris Eaton, Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Kelly Minter, and Stuart Townend is based on Psalm 91, the well-known Psalm telling of God as our refuge and fortress, with whom we can fully trust in every circumstance. I have included the live version from the Sing! 2018 conference; enjoy!

My dwelling place is God Most High,
My refuge and my fortress.
When plague and pestilence draw nigh,
I’m hidden in His presence.
When terrors fall and arrows fly,
His shield will be my safety.
When stones across my pathway lie,
On angels’ wings I’m carried.

My dwelling place is God Most High,
A present help in danger.
I rest secure in Love’s pure light,
Beneath my Master’s favour.
He freed me from the fowler’s snare,
Where sin and shame had bound me.
Deceived I made my refuge there,
Till fearless He came for me.

Wonderful, powerful, my hope and my defender,
Mighty God, Emmanuel, my dwelling place forever.

My dwelling place is God Most High,
I’ll never seek another.
For I am His and He is mine,
My heart He’ll keep forever.
I know the name on whom I call,
He promises to answer.
With life He satisfies my soul,
And crowns me with his pleasure.


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