This penultimate song is from CityAlight and draws on many of the themes from Psalm 23; enjoy!

Though I walk through the valley
And I can’t see the way;
When the shadows surround me
I will not be afraid.

For I know You are with me,
You will always provide;
Though the path may be lonely,
You will stay by my side.
I will rest my soul;
I’ll trust in You alone.

For the Lord my Shepherd
Leads me, leads me
And He is all I need
In the darkest valley
I know, I know
My Shepherd is all I need

Lord I know that You seek me,
When I’m trying to hide;
And Your love it pursues me,
All the days of my life.
I will rest my soul
I’ll trust in You alone


I rest my soul
In You alone
You light my way
You lead me on


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