Eternal Shepherd, God Most High

As mentioned, my idea for Hymn of the Day is for saints to use these as not only songs, but prayers and meditations. This hymn in my hymnal is under the category of “for a church seeking a pastor”. Perhaps your church, or a church you know, is looking for a pastor – why don’t you use this text as a prayer for the Lord to provide a shepherd that will glorify His name and care for His sheep?

Eternal Shepherd, God most high,
In mercy hearken as we cry,
And send us, in our time of need,
A pastor wise, Thy flock to lead.

Be his, like Thee, O Jesus meek,
To heal the bruised, to stay the weak,
And, in Thy might made brave and strong,
To war with sin, to right the wrong.

So leading where Thyself hast trod,
So guiding with Thy staff and rod,
May he Thy sheep in safety bring
To those green pastures of the King.

And when at last, O gracious Lord,
Thou shalt bestow his full reward,
Let those whom he hath led aright
Be jewels in his crown of light. Amen.

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