Journey’s End

Written alongside this song is a quite by J.C. Ryle: “no man ever need despair of reaching his journey’s end if he has once committed his soul to Christ’s keeping.” This quote is based on Mark 4:35-41 when travelling with his disciples in a boat, Jesus calms a strong storm, leaving the disciples to exclaim “who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?”1.

Come weary traveller fix your hope
Upon your journey’s end,
When unrestrained, his grace will pay
For every labour spent.
Though now you toil soon shall you rest;
Though now you must contend,
You soon shall be forever blessed
Upon your journey’s end

See Christ, his journey’s end in mind,
Ascending Calvary’s hill;
For heaven’s joy endured the cross
And bears your burdens still;
See perfect love and innocence
By all the world condemned;
Yet gladly bore the shame that you
Might reach your journey’s end

Praise to the God of grace!
O what a sure and glorious hope!
He all our strength and praise
As we make our journey home

What storms you’ll weather, trials endure,
Lie far beyond your sight;
Yet anxious traveller rest secure:
You’ll soon be home with Christ!
He walks with you through fearful days,
Your sure and faithful friend;
And soon you’ll see his smiling face
Upon your journey’s end


Come weary traveller fix your hope
Upon your journey’s end;
When crowds of angels cheer you home,
And God himself descends:
‘My good and faithful servant come
You journeyed long and hard;
Now everlasting joy is yours
My child you’re home at last.’


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