He Gave His Life In Selfless Love

Christopher Porteous was born on 8 November 1935 and he qualified as a solicitor (lawyer) in 1960. He was active at Anglican church Christ Church Beckenham and wrote the history of that church. Some 30 of his hymns are in print, written from 1970s onwards, featuring in Scripture Union, Jubilate and other books, with his best-known text being published in several hymnals. He has a concern for the current lack of reverence in worship and ‘the poor quality of some contemporary choruses.1

He gave his life in selfless love,
for sinners once he came;
he had no stain of sin himself
but bore our guilt and shame:
he took the cup of pain and death,
his blood was freely shed;
we see his body on the cross,
we share the living bread.

He did not come to call the good
but sinners to repent;
it was the lame, the deaf, the blind
for whom his life was spent:
to heal the sick, to find the lost
it was for such he came,
and round his table all may come
to praise his holy name.

They heard him call his Father’s name
‘Tis finished!’ was his cry;
like them we have forsaken him
and left him there to die:
the sins that crucified him then
are sins his blood has cured;
the love that bound him on a cross
our freedom has ensured.

His body broken once for us
is glorious now above;
the cup of blessing we receive,
a sharing of his love:
as in his presence we partake,
his dying we proclaim
until the hour of majesty
when Jesus comes again.


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