I Would Commune with Thee, My God

George Burden Bubier, son of Rev. William Bubier, was born in Reading, UK on Feb. 2, 1823. After serving for some time in a bank at Banbury, he prepared for the Congregational Ministry, at Homerton College. He was successively pastor of congregations at Orsett, Essex, 1844; Union Chapel, Brixton; Cambridge; and Hope Chapel, Salford, 1854. In 1864 he was appointed Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Spring Hill Congregational College, Birmingham. He died at Acock’s Green, near Birmingham, March 19, 1869. In 1855 he was joint editor with Dr. George Macdonald of Hymns and Sacred Songs for Sunday Schools and Social Worship, where you can find this hymn about communion with God; enjoy!

I would commune with Thee, my God;
E’en to Thy seat I come:
I leave my joys, I leave my sins,
And seek in Thee my home.

I stand upon the mount of God,
With sunlight in my soul;
I hear the storms in vales beneath,
I hear the thunders roll;

But I am calm with Thee, my God,
Beneath these glorious skies;
And to the height on which I stand,
Nor storms nor clouds can rise.

Oh, this is life! Oh, this is joy,
My God, to find Thee so!
Thy face to see, Thy voice to hear,
And all Thy love to know!

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