Help Me, My God, To Speak

Another hymn by renowned Scottish churchman Horatius Bonar, this one falls under the category of repentance and confession. A prayer for God to help us speak as we ought, confess as we ought, and pray as we ought, this is a good hymn to start the week with, ensuring we are bringing all our sins and needs to the Lord. Enjoy!

Help me, my God, to speak
True words to thee each day;
Real let my voice be when I praise,
And trustful when I pray.

Thy words are true to me;
Let mine to thee be true,
The speech of my whole heart and soul,
However low and few.

True words of grief for sin,
Of longing to be free,
Of groaning for deliverance,
And likeness, Lord, to thee.

True words of faith and hope,
Of godly joy and grief.
Lord, I believe, oh hear my cry;
Help thou mine unbelief!

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