This song from Emu was written by Liv Chapman for their “Creation Awaits” album, and it was filmed in the beautiful church 12th Century church St Aldates in Oxford, UK. This song has a really simple tune that congregations will catch quickly, and I love the crescendo at the end of each verse of hallelujah. It reminds me that at the end of the ages, when all is said and done and Christ returns, those who have waited for him, from every tribe and tongue will sing together “Hallelujah! For the Lord our God the Almighty reigns!” Enjoy!

Come and hear the wondrous love
The mighty God who reigns above
Has entered in to dwell with us

On the earth, our saviour lived
The Son of Man, the servant king
And by his death, he bore our sin

The fight is over, the battle done
The victory of life is won
The song of triumph has begun

The powers of hell had seemed to win
But Christ has conquered death and sin
Let’s raise our voices for our King!


For very soon, he will return
And place all things beneath his throne
And take us to our heav’nly home


So now by faith we persevere
And in His strength, we will not fear
For as we meet, our God is here

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