Rejoice, Believer, In The Lord

This is another hymn I came across in my daily devotional while reading a hymnal. Written by John Newton and included in his Olney Hymns book in 1779, this one was written under the heading of Perseverance. This hymn can easily be used to encourage yourself, as well as other believers, when trials come and difficulties arise. Why don’t you save this hymn and then come back to it once you meet a trial? I’m sure it will encourage your soul. Enjoy!

Rejoice, believer, in the Lord,
Who makes your cause his own;
The hope that’s built upon his word
Shall ne’er be overthrown.

Though many foes beset your road,
And feeble is your arm,
Your life is hid with Christ in God
Beyond the reach of harm.

Weak as you are, you shall not faint
Or fainting shall not die!
For Jesus, strength of ev’ry saint,
Will aid you from on high.

Though unperceived by mortal sense,
Faith sees him always near!
A guide, a glory, sure defense;
Then what have you to fear?

As surely as he overcame
And triumphed once for you,
So surely you that love his name
Shall in him triumph too.

3 thoughts on “Rejoice, Believer, In The Lord

      • Thanks so much! I cannot remember how I was introduced to your blogposts, but I’ve just had them sent to my email and not actually visited the site. I’ll do that soon and reap even mire benefits, I’m sure. 🙂


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