How Rich A Treasure We Possess

This great modern hymn written by Matt Boswell and Matt Papa is a wonderful reminder of the vast spiritual treasure we have inherited through Christ. This song full of such rich biblical language and imagery I’m sure will have you humming and singing throughout the day, with your hearts full of joy that Christ through His blood has made us His. I really like this simple, acoustic version; enjoy!

How rich a treasure we possess
In Jesus Christ our Lord;
His blood our ransom and defence,
His glory our reward.
The sum of all created things,
Is worthless in compare;
For our inheritance is Him,
Whose praise angels declare.

How free and costly was the love
Displayed upon the cross;
While we were dead in untold sin,
The Sovereign purchased us.
The will of God the Father
Demonstrated through the Son;
The Spirit seals the greatest work,
The work which Christ has done.

How vast and measureless the flood
Of mercy unrestrained;
The penalty was paid in full,
The spotless Lamb was slain.
Salvation what a priceless gift
Received by grace through faith;
We stand in robes of righteousness,
We stand in Jesus’ Name.

For Yours is the Kingdom, and the power,
And the glory.
Yours is the Kingdom, and the power,
And the glory! Amen!

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