This song by Emu Music is based on both Psalm 86 and James 1. Depending on the version you read, Psalm 86:1 reads “Teach me your way, LORD, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.” May these words be all of our prayer.

Give me an undivided heart,
That I might fear Your name;
Teach me to walk in righteous paths,
And follow in Your ways.
For You are gracious and forgiving,
Hear O Lord and answer me.

Give me an undivided mind,
That I might love Your word;
Help me to hunger for Your voice,
And know Your Spirit’s sword.
For You are good, Your truth unchanging;
Life is found in serving You.

I want to live for You;
Single minded,
All that I say all that I do.
Sanctify me,
Take me and make me new;
That I might live for Christ my Lord.

Give me an undivided love,
For all that You desire;
Make me a living sacrifice,
Ignite in me Your fire.
For You, O Lord, are God eternal,
All my ways are known to You.

Counting my gains as loss;
Single minded,
Whatever the pain, whatever the cost.
Sanctify me,
Help me take up my cross;
And live for Him who died for me.

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