Hear Our Prayer

This song by Emu Music is based on a prayer by Love M. Whitcomb Willis. Not much is known about her other than she was born 9 June 1824 and died on 26 November 1908. She was the daughter of a Unitarian minister and married Frederick Llewellyn Hovey Willis. Enjoy this simple prayer.

Hear our prayer, God above
As we come to you and seek your patient love;
Hear our hearts, hear our minds
Hear the echoes of the words we cannot find

Be our hope, be our guide
In our wanderings of weakness break our pride;
Not for ease shall we pray,
But for strength that we may walk with you this day.

So we pray in faith, your will be done
As we long to see your kingdom come
We ask with one voice
Through Jesus Christ our Lord

Hear our prayer, faithful one
Shape our yearnings to the gospel of your Son;
Free our hearts, free our minds
From the war that sin will wage till you arrive.

Be our joy, be our stay
Give us eyes to see you answer prayer this day;
Hear us praise all you’ve done
We rejoice as we receive the victory won.

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