Silent Night, Lonely Night

As we reach the eve of celebrating Christ’s birth, I was going to share the classic Christmas song Silent Night, however have decided to post Sovereign Grace’s new remake: Silent Night, Lonely Night. The traditional version tells of the night when Jesus was born (which my pastor, always jokingly adds, was probably far from silent!). This version, however, alludes to those saints who believed God that the Messiah would come, and yet not seeing what they believed. It also connects with those who have wondered if God is listening and will answer their prayers through trials and suffering. It’s a lovely rendition, and not a traditional Christmas song in the sense of speaking explicitly throughout of Christ’s birth, but is in the spirit of Advent – waiting for God to do what He has promised.

Silent night, lonely night
All but calm, all but bright
Darkened clouds have hidden God’s face
Deepening doubts have veiled His grace
Have You heard our cries?
Have You heard our cries?

Silent night, lonely night
Wearied by many trials
Clinging to the promise foretold
Peace and comfort for our souls
Lord, we long for You
Lord, we long for You

Jesus, You entered our night
Bore our sorrows, laid down Your life
Conquered the darkness and rose up in light
All of our hope is in You

Silent night, lonely night
Yet there’s peace, at Your side
Covered by redeeming blood
Sheltered in Your arms of love
Christ, the Savior is born
Christ, the Savior is born

Silent night, holy night
All is calm and bright

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