A Child Is Born

Celtic Worship fast became one of my favourite bands after hearing their powerful renditions of psalms, older hymns and original works, while adding in their Scottish heritage. I loved this song as soon as I heard it, and it’s praise to Christ the Messiah being born.

Here in a stable He lays so peacefully;
Light of the world freely given for us to receive.
Wise men bowed down and the shepherds rejoiced,
He is here for all to see.

Oh, a child is born,
A Son came down for us.
He, reigns on high,
This Christmas time;
And evermore

Humbly He came to the earth, little child for me;
To suffer, to save, to bring life past the grave.
Angels they sang giving praise 
To the one precious gift for all to receive.


Jesus our saviour we praise your holy name;
We give thanks to you for your love, mercy and grace.
Restoring us now, bringing hope to the world
Praise the Lord, He reigns on high!


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