Oh Righteous Branch

Taken from her Advent album, A Seed, A Sunrise, Caroline Cobb draws heavily from Isaiah and other Old Testament prophets as well as the gospel narratives, and explores the longing of Advent, the joy of Christmas, and the hope of Jesus’s return. This song, and the whole album, is rich with biblical imagery, artful arrangements, and poetic lyrics to help the Church rehearse and remember God’s Story.

Oh righteous branch from Jesse’s root,
Please come and bring your kingdom.
The lion dwelling with the lamb,
Bring peace and life and freedom.
Oh Son of David come to rule,
And reign in us forever.
Come write your law upon our hearts,
And keep us like a shepherd.

Hallelujah, Jesus we wait for you
Hallelujah, Jesus come soon come soon

Messiah come, your Spirit give,
Turn stony hearts to flesh;
Redeem us from captivity,
The power of sin and death.


At last, at last the morning comes,
With healing in its wings;
We’ll leap like calves loosed from their stalls,
For you have done great things –
Yes, you have done great things!


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