We Long For That Day

Does your theology have room for lament? If not, our lives and the Scriptures show us that we should. This song was written by Sol Fenne, Music Coordinator at 20schemes. He based it on a book written by the pastor of the church’s music ministry1. Mez McConnell’s book “The Creaking on the Stairs: Finding Faith in God Through Childhood Abuse” uses his own story of childhood abuse to tell us about a God who is just, sovereign and loving. A good Father who knows the pain of rejection and abuse, who hates evil, who can bring hope even in the darkest place2. I hope this hymn can be used in your times of suffering and sorrow.

God will judge this world so full of evil
And bring each work of darkness into light;
On that day His enemies will tremble
When the King returns in glorious might

Finally oppression will be over
Secret acts of cruelty made known;
Nowhere left to hide for the abuser
Every deed laid bare before the throne.

We long for that day when Jesus comes again
When sorrow and pain will all come to an end;
When justice is done and evil cast away;
Oh may we all be found in Christ that day.

On that day we’ll stand before our Maker
To face our debt of sin which must be paid;
There is no-one righteous, none can measure
the perfect standard Christ alone displayed.

But there is hope for all who trust in Jesus
For all who know forgiveness in His name;
He faced the wrath deserved by ruined sinners
To save us from our anger, fear and shame.

Then as the light descended into darkness
The Son of God forsaken on a tree
In agony our Saviour died abandoned
The innocent was crushed to set us free

But on the third day Jesus rose in glory
And now He reigns in heaven from His throne
Praise the King for such an act of mercy
One day He will come to take us home



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