Lord Jesus, You’re More Excellent

This hymn is part of a collection of songs called “Rise and Worship: New Reformation Hymns” – songs for congregational singing written by Greg Wilbur and Douglas Bond. With corporate worship in mind, these hymns are intended to be sung congregationally. Greg’s desire was to compose accessible and well-crafted tunes that reflect the theological content of lyrics and that lead God’s people in worship. “We need poets!” declared Luther 500 years ago, poets to give the Church theologically and aesthetically appropriate lyrics with which to rise & worship King Jesus. In that spirit they offer New Reformation Hymns for the people of God to sing the high praises of God, soli Deo gloria1.

Lord Jesus, you’re more excellent
Than Moses’ ancient covenant:
Its Law you perfectly obeyed
And on the cross its curse you paid.

My Royal Priest is excellent
Above the dying priests who went
In yearly terror through the veil—
But once for all Christ did prevail.

Lord Jesus, you’re more excellent
Than all the guardian angels sent
To guide our steps both day and night,
Since Jesus guards with sovereign might.

Great Saviour, you’re more excellent
Than all the Devil’s arrows spent
In furious rage against the ones
For whom Christ died to make his sons.

Kind Jesus, you’re more excellent
Than doubts and troubles I invent;
Your life laid down, my victory won—
My Advocate, God’s holy Son.

O Christ, you are most excellent,
By th’new and better covenant:
Redeeming Love who took my part,
Inscribed your Law upon my heart.

O Righteous One, most excellent,
Your cross fulfilled the covenant;
O Worthy One, who took my place,
I long to worship face to face.


2 thoughts on “Lord Jesus, You’re More Excellent

  1. Thank you and praise God for this site. It is my 1st hymn of the day, and I love the concept, and it helps me to give God glory and praise!


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