A Christian’s Daily Prayer

This song by Sovereign Grace is a prayer that we would all do well to pray to God – structured to draw near to God during the morning, the day and the night, this song will stir your heart to see our daily need for God.

As morning dawns and day awakes,
To You I bring my need.
O gracious God, my source of strength,
In You I live and breathe.
Each hour is Yours by wisdom planned,
Each deed empowered by sovereign hands.
Renew my spirit, help me stand;
Be glorified today

As day unfolds, I seek Your will
In all of life’s demands.
And though the tempter tries me still,
I cling to Your commands.
Let every effort of my life
Display the matchless worth of Christ.
Make me a living sacrifice;
Be glorified today.

As sun gives way to darkest night
Your Spirit still is here.
And though my strength fades like the light
New mercies will appear.
I rest in You; abide with me
Until our trials and suffering –
Give way to final victory;
Be glorified, today; be glorified, I pray

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